Adjunct Instructor Application Form

Adjunct Professor Application Form

  • The term “Field Instructor” is used to refer to the individual who has primary responsibilities for the field instruction practicum supervision and evaluation of students in the field placement. The School of Social Work recognizes the significant contribution that Field Instructors make by awarding Adjunct Professor status to qualified Instructors. Field instructors interested in being considered for Adjunct Professor status must be willing to make an on-going commitment (minimum of three years and/or a minimum of three students) to the Field Education program and meet the minimum qualifications established in the CASWE Standards for Accreditation for a Field Instructor (usually a BSW degree and two years of social work practice experience although other combinations will be considered). In addition to being listed on the School’s Faculty and Staff webpage, individuals with Adjunct Professor status have access to many of the services that regular Faculty have including professional development opportunities and library privileges. If you would like to be considered for Adjunct Professor status with the School of Social Work, please complete the Application Form below
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