Faculty and Staff Directory (alphabetically)

For general enquiries about the M.S.W. program, please email ask.socialwork@ubc.ca

To contact individual Faculty members or Staff, please see list below:

Name Position E-mail Phone Office
Graham, John Professor and Director john.graham@ubc.ca 250-807-8738 ART 360D
Gerow, Jacqui Executive Assistant to the Director jacqui.gerow@ubc.ca 250-807-8738 ART360
Shlomi, Hilla Graduate Program Coordinator, Mental Health Clinic Director hilla.shlomi@ubc.ca 250-807-8774 ART301
Hancock, Amanda Graduate Program Assistant amanda.hancock@ubc.ca  250-807-8603 ART304
Molina, Tammy Field Education Coordinator  tammy.molina@ubc.ca  250-807-9437 ART303
Ben-David, Shelly Assistant Professor shelly.ben-david@ubc.ca 250-807-9434 ART 175
Dow-Fleisner, Sarah Assistant Professor sarah.dow-fleisner@ubc.ca 250-807-9685 ART 135
Chau, Shirley Associate Professor shirley.chau@ubc.ca 250-807-8739 ART149
Gillespie, Judy Associate Professor judy.gillespie@ubc.ca 250-807-8745 ART174
Hole, Rachelle Associate Professor rachelle.hole@ubc.ca 250-807-8741 ART145
Murphy, Mary Ann Associate Professor mary-ann.murphy@ubc.ca 250-807-8705 ART162
Rasmussen, Brian Associate Professor brian.rasmussen@ubc.ca 250-807-8743 ART136
Sookraj, Dixon Associate Professor dixon.sookraj@ubc.ca 250-807-8703 ART152
Taylor, Edward
Associate Dean, FHSD
Associate Professor edward.taylor@ubc.ca 250-807-8740 ART340
Wells, Susan J. Professor susan.wells@ubc.ca 250-807-8163 ASC 453