Field Education Coursework

Master of Social Work Field Education

SOCW 506 Social Work Field Practice

This generalist practicum in the MSW program is intended to provide foundational learning and practice competence. The practicum is designed to address student’s educational needs and to support the processes of skill development and application, critical analysis, as well as development synthesis, and evaluation of knowledge. Within a supervised setting practicum students apply generalist practice knowledge, skills, interventions, and ethics. Generalist practice can include individual, family, group, and community; organizational development; and policy change. Completion of the practicum prepares students for initial professional practice with various client constituencies. All students completing the SOCW 506 practicum are registered in this six (6) credit course and are assigned an approved practicum setting, qualified Field Instructor and Faculty Liaison by UBC. Pre-requisites: SOCW 510 and SOCW 545. Co-requisite: SOCW 555 and SOCW 509. Pass/Fail.

Social work 506 students may complete their practicum in either Term 2 (January – April) or during the summer (May – August). Practica starting in January last until April 30 and students are expected to be available for practicum completion for all of January, February, March and April.

For SOCW 506 the School will begin to offer a distance practicum option in May 2013. The School of Social Work is unable to provide a distance practicum option in January 2013 to SOCW 506 students.

SOCW 555 Integrative Seminar (SOCW 506 students)

The purpose of the integrative seminars is to provide students with a structured opportunity to integrate classroom learning and practical experience in the field. All students registered in SOCW 506 must be registered in SOCW 555 – Integrative Seminar as a co-requisite. Integrative seminars are taught by School of Social Work faculty, the Field Education Coordinators, or other qualified individuals. The instructor for the integrative seminar may or may not also be the student’s Faculty Liaison.

It is the intent of the faculty to provide a coordinated, integrated program for students that will enhance learning at all levels. Opportunities for discussion and linking of concepts and theories from each course to experiences in the field will occur throughout the MSW program.

SOCW 505 Social Work Field Practice

SOCW 505 provides an opportunity to apply and integrate theory and practice in clinical social work practice settings. Pass/Fail. Prerequisite: Completion of all required course work. There is no PLA process for SOCW 505 and it is required for all students.

The process for securing a placement in SOCW 505 is outlined in the MSW Field Experience Manual. The Field Education Coordinator is available to meet with students regarding placements by appointment. It is suggested that students schedule an appointment approximately four months prior to the anticipated practicum start date.

Once eligible (see MSW Student Handbook), students are permitted to begin practicum in either September, January or May. The exact practicum start date can be negotiated with the Field Education Office and practicum agency.

In order to ensure adequate time to make all necessary practicum arrangements the following deadlines will apply to all prospective SOCW 505 students:

• September Practicum Start (proposal due by July 2)
• January Practicum Start (proposal due by October 15)
• May Practicum Start (proposal due by March 1)

Practicum in the Place of Employment (SOCW 505)
In considering the option of a paid/workplace practicum, the most important criteria is the need to give MSW students the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge. All practica in the place of employment must have prior approval of the Field Education Coordinator (see the MSW Field Experience Manual for a description of the approval process). Proposals must be submitted, by completing the SOCW 505 Placement Application Form (Workplace), a minimum of two months prior to the intended start date of the practicum.

Prior Learning Assessments (PLA’s)

The School of Social Work does not offer a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) option at the graduate level. All MSW students are required to successfully complete the practicum course(s) in order to graduate.