Admissions Deadline

Please note: The application period for our September intakes closes on January 31

 The College of Graduate Studies administers the application process and forwards the application to the School of Social Work once the application package is complete. Please refer to the College of Graduate Studies website to begin your application process.


Applicants may apply without having yet completed all of the admission requirements. However, before starting the M.S.W. program, applicants must provide verification that all admission requirements have been met. For example, if an applicant has not completed the required statistics course and/or the required research methods course at the time of application, they can still apply for admission. If the application was successful, the applicant would be offered a conditional admission, in which case all outstanding admission requirements would have to be completed, and completion verified, before the applicant started the M.S.W. program in September.

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For all admission requirements, see the Academic Calendar

For suggestions on how to make a strong application: How to Write Grad School Application Material