Sharon Crux

Field Education Coordinator

Social Work
Other Titles: MSW Field Education Coordinator


Sharon is a UBC-O Master of Social Work alum with special studies in leadership, outcomes based quality assurance frameworks, and the impact of secondary traumatic stress on child welfare social workers’ decision-making. Prior to joining the UBC-O Field Office, she spent 10 years as a Director of Quality Assurance for the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

She enjoys family, especially her grandchildren. Having grown up by the Great Lakes in Ontario, she has found the beautiful Okanagan area lakes to now be among her favourite relaxation spots. Michael Bublé is her favourite singer/entertainer – the one she plays when things get overwhelming.


As the MSW Field Education Coordinator for the School of Social Work, Sharon conducts Field Education Pre-Practicum Orientations for students, matches students to field placements, develops new practicum sites, and provides support and guidance for students and instructors throughout the practicum experience. Her favourite part of this role is getting to know students' interests and professional goals, and helping make those happen.


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