Student Handbook 2019

The handbook will provide students with information regarding the MSW program; including rules, policies, procedures and student resources particular to the School.


Field Education Handbook 2019

The handbook will provide students with information regarding the Field Education component of the MSW program. Field Education offers a rich variety of learning opportunities to apply theory to practice.



UBC uses the canvas platform for file sharing and communication between students and instructors.  You can find key details about the MSW program and what resources are available for current students on our MSW Homepage.

All MSW students must be enrolled in Canvas. To enroll into the MSW Homepage on Canvas:

College of Graduate Studies (COGS)

COGS supports graduates and works with departments, programs, schools, and faculties to coordinate and maintain the quality of master’s and doctoral programs. The MSW program is governed by the College of Graduate Studies and abides by the college’s Policies.

Graduate Studies

Course Registration

Course registration occurs twice a year: early July for the Winter Term and early March for the Summer Term. MSW course schedules are based on the students’ Field Education Streams (typically determined in late June) Registration instructions are emailed to all MSW students prior to registration. Students register through the Student Service Center.

Student Service Centre

Social Work Course Union

Students can become involved in the governance of the School by nominating themselves for positions in the Course Union (CU).  This is a yearly commitment, starting in September. Students in the CU play a significant role in the School by representing the student body on various School’s Committees. The CU also works closely with the School’s Director, Program Coordinator, Field Education Coordinator, and other faculty members. Visit the course union Facebook page for more info

Course Union

Interact with the School of Social Work

 Facebook Page

Join the Facebook page and keep up with the latest news and events.

Registration with the BC College of Social Workers

The British Columbia College of Social Workers regulates the social work profession in British Columbia. BCCSW assesses the qualifications of everyone who applies to become a Registered Social Worker (RSW). All RSW’s must have a minimum of a Bachelor of Social Work degree from a program approved by the College’s Board and must pass an examination. To qualify as a Registered Clinical Social Worker (RCSW), applicants must have a Master of Social Work degree and pass a clinical examination.

Registration with BCCSW is a requirement for employment in an increasing number of agencies. Students are encouraged to review the BCCSW site for information regarding licensing exams and registration.

Furthermore, please see below the BCCSW Registration Information document for a step-by-step process on preparing for the registration exam.BCASW is a voluntary, not-for-profit membership association that supports members and promotes the profession of social work and advocates for social justice. We are looking forward to posting about social work issues and opportunities in BC. Like us and follow us to stay connected!

BCASW Facebook

Visit their new updated Facebook site and follow them for up-to-date information.

BCCSW Registration Exam Information