Current Students

School of Social Work Important Dates for Current Students

June 1, 2017 – May 31, 2018


Students are responsible for knowing relevant dates and policies in the Okanagan Academic Calendar

June 1*: Welcome email to new and returning students

June 15: Deadline for submission of Student Electives Survey (2nd Yr Fdn and Advanced Track only); Deadline for Statement of Interest for Foundry (2nd Yr Fdn and Advanced Track only) or Statement of Interest for the Interprofessional Clinic (1st Yr Fdn and Advanced Track only) field education placements (statements of interest are permissible for both placements for Advanced Track, but ultimately only one can occur)

July 10: Fall Parking Permits go on sale

July 15: Registration process completed for Social Work students. Please be aware that, in preparation for standard timetabling next year (subject to Senate approval), the School will be registering students in all MSW core courses and electives this year.

August 15: Deadline for submission of Field Education Application Form; Deadline for students to purchase Student Accident Insurance; Deadline for submission of Student Agreement to Policies; Deadline for submission of Own Agency Placement Form; Deadline for submission of Exception to Field Policy Request (in relation to consideration for distance placements)

August 31: Deadline for September Degree Conferral (Application begins June 1)

September 8: Welcome Orientation for all School of Social Work students (UNC 200 Ballroom).

  • 8-10 am: Advanced Track
  • 10 am-12 noon: New 1st Year Foundational students
  • 1-3 pm: Returning 2nd Year Foundational students

September 15: Field Education Orientation for all School of Social Work students (12-1:30 pm; RHS 260 *Medical School Building)

October 2: Field Education Readiness Session 1 for all School of Social Work students (12-1:30 pm; UNC 200)

October 15*: Students are notified of their field education placement via IPT

October 15: Deadline for November Degree Conferral (Application begins September 1)

November 3: Field Education Readiness Session 2 for all School of Social Work students (8-9:30 am during SOCW 516; EME 1101)

November 15:  Deadline for Exception to Policy in Field Education Request (for placement assignment appeal) submissions

November 30*: Deadline for students to have met with prospective Field Education Instructor; Deadline for submission of Confirmation of Field Education Placement Form; Deadline for submission of Student Acknowledgement of Risk Form

January 15: Deadline for February Degree Conferral (Application begins November 16)

April 15: Deadline for May Degree Conferral (Application begins January 16)

May 31: Annual Progress Reports to be submitted to Faculty Advisors do not sign Annual Progress Reports.

*or next business day should this day land on weekend or holiday


Forms and Links

Field Education Forms



Course descriptions and times are available in the Course Schedule.

Next Steps

Registration with the BC College of Social Workers

The British Columbia College of Social Workers regulates the social work profession in British Columbia. BCCSW assesses the qualifications of everyone who applies to become a Registered Social Worker (RSW). All RSW’s must have a minimum of a Bachelor of Social Work degree from a program approved by the College’s Board and must pass an examination. To qualify as a Registered Clinical Social Worker (RCSW), applicants must have a Master of Social Work degree and pass a clinical examination.

Registration with BCCSW is a requirement for employment in an increasing number of agencies. Students are encouraged to review the BCCSW site at the link below for information regarding licensure exams and registration.

Telephone: 604-737-4916