An innovative research, training, and treatment center providing mental health services to children and youth in our Okanagan communities.

Due to COVID-19, all services of the Social Work Mental Health Clinic are provided via videoconference. We continue to receive new referrals. Please email us for more information:


The Social Work Mental Health Clinic, located at the UBC Okanagan Interprofessional Clinic, is the only one of its kind in Canada – is a leader in training future mental health professionals who will set high standards of health care in BC. Families who participate in the Clinic play an important part in this training. They not only receive services from the Clinic, but they also make a significant contribution to their community.

The Social Work Clinic specializes in the assessment and treatment of children/youth with moderate to severe mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression, bi-polar, suicidal ideation and self-harming behaviours, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and psychosomatic difficulties.


Our child and youth services are offered for no fee and are not time-limited.  We utilizes evidence-based clinical assessments and interventions.  We take a collaborative, family-oriented approach
and allocate multiple clinicians to work with each family, thus being strongly team-based

Our services include:

  • Weekly one-hour individual meetings with the child/youth
  • Weekly one-hour meetings with at least one parent/primary caregiver, to gather information about the child, to provide psychoeducation and emotional support, and to assist with with case management, as needed
  • On-going collaboration with the child’s school and/or other involved professionals for a comprehensive support
  • Periodical family-team conferences to set goals and monitor change

How can I receive services?

We currently receive self-referrals. That means that any parent can contact us directly and inquire about our services. School counsellors and other mental health professionals may contact the Clinic on the parent behalf, to receive information about our availability and support the parent in the process of self-referral.

Due to the limited spots we have, and the extended time we work with each family, our wait times are unpredictable and may be longer than in other agencies. We recommend that you contact the Clinic to find out more about our current availability of spots and approximate wait time.

Once we receive your inquiry, we will send you our referral form and ask that you complete it and send it back to us. The information in the referral form helps us evaluate whether our services are appropriate for your family needs. We often follow up with a phone conversation to clarify and collect additional information, and discuss our time availability.

We know that receiving services from a training clinic may be a new experience for you and possibly uncomfortable for some people. We want to make this process as comfortable as possible for you. Therefore, if we determine that our services are appropriate for your family’s needs, we will invite you for an “intake meeting.” In this meeting, we will provide more information about our services and get to know your family in person so that you can decide whether our services are right for you.

How are students involved?

The Social Work Clinic educates and trains Master’s Level students of Social Work in providing effective, evidence-based assessment and treatment to children and their parents.

All Social Work services are provided by the students while being observed live by experienced mental health clinicians using a highly-secured camera system. Students receive guidance before each meeting with a child or a parent, and constructive feedback at the end of each meeting. In addition to being observed, all meetings with children and parents are video-recorded.
The recording of sessions provides the student clinicians the opportunity to review previous sessions and receive additional feedback from their peers and supervisors. Therefore, all of our clients are asked to sign an agreement that gives us the permission to record their sessions.

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